Yoann Gasnière

Student in Multimedia Development and Digital Innovation

Who am I really?

Passionate for many years about new technologies and all that they bring to collective progress, it is while following my first development courses that I saw the immense potential of digital tools, the Internet in particular. Since then, I have never stopped trying to discover, learn and above all master the foundations of the technological environment that surrounds us.

From a more pragmatic point of view, I am a recent graduate of a University Diploma of Technology, speciality Multimedia and Internet Technologies, and will soon join ENSSAT, in the Computer, Multimedia & Networks department for 3 years of apprenticeship. This choice to continue my studies is explained in particular by my strong desire to join an R&D team within a company that innovates in sectors that I believe are essential for tomorrow's world: Transport, Telecommunications, Ecology and Space (to name but a few!).

On this subject, if you are looking for a versatile, curious, passionate and sometimes a bit talkative apprentice engineer, I would be very happy to meet you!

Aside from this enthusiasm for technology, I love learning about everything every day, especially in the fields of physics and astrophysics, history and anthropology. And my investment in various associations allows me to perpetuate my eternal taste for music and the defence of Human Rights. You can find below some of my creations from my MIT studies (other projects in progress will appear later).

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